www.wonderberrys.com\cupcakesCupcakes are very popular and come in a variety of flavours and colours with elaborately decorated crowns.  They are a favourite for parties, weddings and corporate events.

These are a great alternative for people who do not want a traditional multi-tiered wedding cake.  A combination of one top tier along with a variety of different flavoured cupcakes makes a great alternative, particularly for younger guests.  A mini version is also available.

Corporate cupcakes

Wonderberrys has supplied a number of corporate partners for promotional and marketing events.  These can be a great treat to add something special to team building and away days. Our cakes can be themed around anniversaries, accomplishments and even sporting events, such as the Olympics.  Some of our corporate partners purchase in large quantities.  We recently supplied 450, decorated in company logo colours, as a reward and recognition treat for staff.

You may not be wishing to place such a large order but undoubtedly cupcakes are as popular as ever, please take a look at our Gallery to see a variety of designs and flavours.  ‘Cake Friday’ may be just what your company needs!